I'm glad you found my blog! Sometimes I think I live, sleep, eat, breathe and maybe even sweat Speech-language pathology (especially when I have a lot of paperwork that is due).

If they could, they would.
I want every child that I work with to be successful in communicating with their loved ones. Establishing rapport and motivating my clients is the first step in making that happen. Once I've established that therapeutic trust, it's so much easier to help children progress in their speech and language skills.

I love to incorporate functional activities into therapy tasks but sometimes become too task oriented. The end goal of these activities is improved articulation or language-not the actual craft/game or snack. I started this blog to explore how I could incorporate a variety of therapy goals into different functional activities. To explore how best to help my clients improve their speech and language skills. And to have fun.

Some other things you should know about me. My husband is a humorous illustrator. He is the one that made my Speech2U logo. I am the mom to a hysterical, hyper and handsome 4 year old boy. I've always loved crafts and scrapbooking. My Teachers pay teachers product's help satisfy that need to create. I also enjoy making my own jewelry and am interested in learning more about silversmithing. I've been known to belt out some Gloria Gaynor during Karaoke. Woody Harrelson sang me the Kelly song once and kissed me on the cheek. Also, I hate proof reading. Sorry.

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