Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Squinkie Syntax, please

For the record, I don't receive any kickbacks nor do I own any stock in Squinkies.  Yet, here I sit with another "Squinkie" activity.  Squinkies are tiny soft plastic action figures.  You can get sets of different super heroes, princesses, pokemon, and cars characters among others.  (FYI, Costco has sets of 3 for Princesses and Superheroes right now).  I'm fond of them because they allow me to incorporate a child's special interest into therapy and they are small enough that they store easily. 

Today, I have a freebie for Superhero Silly Syntax Sentences.  I was looking for an activity that would give me multiple repetitions to teach the targeted sentence form while maintaining interest and motivation levels.

Here is how I used it in therapy:

1.  To practice Third Person singular:  I set up the Squinkies on the right, then I chose a verb card.  The child needed to say the first sentence, move the verb card down and say the next sentence.  Since some of the sentences were silly, it was really motivating and we were able to get lots of practice in.  (Ex. I bite Captain America, You bite the girl, He bites Beast  etc.)
2.  Auxiliaries:  I added auxiliary forms so you can work on sentences such as : I will bite Captain America etc.)
3.  Questions:  Moving the auxiliary form to the front of the sentence and now you are addressing question reversal forms: "Will I bite Captain America?  Yes, I will bite Captain America."

You can download the freebie here at my TPT store:  Superhero Syntax

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