Friday, February 7, 2014

Emergency Mustache Maneuvers

Hi, My name is Kelly and I have a fear of growing a mustache.  Sometimes in that bathroom light, I'm not sure if there is a shadow on my top lip or if I'm starting to grow some coarse mustache hairs.  On occasion, when I go into get my eyebrows done, the technician will ask if I'm doing my lip too.  I always say (probably in a panicked way), "No!  Do you think I need to?"  They always kind of look at me and then shake their head and say "Probably not" in a half hearted manner.  I can't decide if they don't want to tell me that I'm starting to sport a stache or if that's just the sneaky way to get people to do more waxing.    

This week was spirit week and one of the days was "mustache" day.  Of course I forgot until the night before when I had to figure out what to do for my kids.  First the good news: NO ONE made any comments about me having a mustache when I wasn't wearing a fake mustache (Phew!)  I feel like many of you may end up with Mustache emergencies so here are some pretty lazy mustache activities to do with your students.

No time to stop and pick up fake mustaches?  Just draw one on the side of your finger.  Take a mustache selfie and post it on your blog.  Done.  

I had purchased these mustache stickers at Oriental Traders last year.  I tried putting some on my lip but they didn't stick.  Instead I added them to my name badge.  Yup, I got my CCC-s and my lip toupee all together.  

My last stop was to Teacher's Pay Teachers to pick up some Mustache related curriculum materials.  Here's what I found:  

Mustache Freebies:  

I LOVE to work on absurdities with my students.  It's a great activity for early comprehension.

I mustache you a Question: Silly Conversations by Peachie Speechie.  

I LOVED these questions plus my students were really motivated by them.  My favorite was the who is the best speech therapist question because I totally got dissed for some guy named Jason.  Who is apparently the most awesome and fun SLP of all time.  Which was more awesome because the student was very concerned about my feelings and kept saying, "no offense but..."  Way to go Jason!  I'd love to sit it on some of your sessions!  

Since I procrastinated and didn't start looking until 10 pm the night before MUSTACHE day, I didn't make anything with them.  But I can see lots of fun ways to use them in therapy.  

Paid TPT products:  

This is a great product that focuses on choosing the most specific vocabulary word to complete the sentence.  I loved that the multiple choice answers were fairly similar which allowed you to talk about the different shades of meaning.  

I Mustache You a Question-No print activity for formulating and answering questions from Sublime Speech.  

This was a great product that I was able to quickly download to my iPad and use in therapy.  

I also grabbed this book from my son's room to work on comprehension:  

For some more mustache related materials and ideas, please check out these great products and posts:   

How about you?  Have you had a mustache themed day?  I'd love to hear about it below.  If you like mustaches, please consider sharing this page on Pinterest or Facebook by clicking on the buttons below!   Also, if you notice that I have a mustache in any pictures I post, please take time to private message me about this.  

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Carly said...

I loved this blog post! I also have a fear of a mustache. But my problem is I get a freckle mustache! Especially when I have been in the sun. From far away it looks like I am growing one.

Also, a big thank you for mentioning my product on TPT! :D

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