Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Switcheroo: Smart Speech Therapy LLC's Speech Language Assessment of Older Internationally Adopted Children.

This week I'm doing a product swap with Tatyana at Smart Speech Therapy LLC.  I'm reviewing one of her slide presentations on assessment of older children who have been adopted internationally.  She is going to be reviewing my Interactive WH question megabundle.  Smart Speech Therapy LLC has a variety of presentations, informational materials and informative checklists available on their site. 

I've interested in language development in older children from international adoptions.  Many years ago, I evaluated a child who was adopted later in age along with several siblings.  I completed the evaluation and was concerned about whether it would be appropriate to treat or not.  She had been in the country for a little over one year.  The client I worked with would not have qualified for speech and language services through the schools for another 2 years.  

Because I was in an outpatient clinic, I was able to make a case to the insurance company and picked her up based on her case history as well as difficulties with comprehension, an inability to relate a simple story, as well as difficulties with problem solving and higher level language skills.  I used Sharon Glennan's article, "Speech and Language Mythbusters" from the ASHA leader as a guide.  At that time, there was not a lot of research on language development and older internationally adopted children.   

I was really excited for the chance to review Smart Speech Therapy's slide presentation of "Speech Language Assessment of Older Internationally Adopted Children" to catch up with the latest research.

This slide presentation contains 65 pages of useful information.  Tatyana starts by describing some of the issues related to international adoptions and provides links to questions parents can ask prior to adoptions.

Other information you will learn from this presentation:

  • Understanding the difference between bilingual speakers and language loss/attrition associated with International adoptions (they're not the same.)
  • Maternal Risk factors and leading questions related to FASD
  • Information on Birth-Language delays and what to do if the child has one.
  • Assessment suggestions and red flags to observe for at 3-12 months post adoption
  • Assessment suggestions 1-2 years following adoption
  • 2 Pages of Resource links
  • 9 pages of references
I found this presentation to be VERY informative.  I'd love to see these presentations available as a webinar at some point in time too!  Tatyana's presentation does a good job of explaining the differences between bilingual children and children who have been adopted internationally.  The suggestions for assessment targets are valuable.  The reference and resource link pages are great for following up on information from the slide presentation.  

Speech Language Assessment of Older Internationally Adopted Children is available at Smart Speech Therapy's website for 22.99 (It's on sale for 18.99 right now!)  

You can follow Tatyana here: 

Tatyana is offering a reader a free copy of her slide presentation on her blog.  Run over to grab it now!  You can also enter to win a copy of my Interactive Wh question cards below. 

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Disclosure Statement:  I did receive a complimentary copy of Speech and Language Assessment of Older Internationally adopted children for the purpose of this review/product swap.  However, the opinions are my own.  

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