Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gobble gobble pizza turkeys

I like using crafts and recipes in sessions when I can.  It's motivating for the kids and helps us to practice our speech and language targets in more of a carryover type of activity.  This week we made pizza turkeys.

We worked on following 2 step directions containing before, sequencing, paraphrasing directions, vocabulary, and articulation.  Here are some of the targets we worked on:

2 step directions:
  • Before you toast the muffins, break them in half.
  • After you open the refrigerator, find pizza sauce and cheese.  
  • Sit down, before you get your muffin.  
  • Spread pizza sauce on the muffin after it is toasted.
  • Before you put cheese on your muffin, you need to cut out a turkey shape.
  • Go get the muffin after it is done toasting.
  • Before you press down on the cookie cutter, you need to center the cutter on the cheese.  
  • Before you put the pizza in the microwave, you need to out cheese on the muffin.
  • After you put your cheese on, put two slices of pepperoni on the muffin.  
  • After you close the door, turn the microwave on for 30 seconds.
  • Jar, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, English muffin, toaster, microwave
  • Spread, cut, toast, put, turn. Press
  • Hot, spicy, savory, gooey, bumpy, soft hard
  • in, on
I wrote out directions in single sentences, we worked in thinking of synonyms for some of the words to paraphrase.  Example, instead of cut open the muffin, we could say slice the muffin in half.


We started by watching a video I made of the activity on the ipad.  Then we used pictures I'd taken to put them in order.  After the activity, we used the pictures to help us retell the directions.  You can download my pictures:

For my artic clients, I highlighted targets within the directions and sent home for practice.  We also practiced our words between steps and while the bread was toasting and when the microwave was going.

Hope you have fun with this activity!  

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