Friday, November 16, 2012

Hand Turkeys

This week I've been a little obsessed with hand turkeys.  I used to make a fancy one with my preschool clients with feathers and a little Thanksgiving Poem.  This year, I used them for almost everything.  I think I got the original idea from a post on Pinterest about using the hand to cue Main ideas.  We used it for comprehensn activities:

 Describing and defining Vocabulary...

For articulation clients, we started by thinking about five words that started with their target sound.  When we wrote down the word, they had to roll the dice and say the word that number of times.  We put glue on each word as we practiced them at the phrase level: on (target word.). Finally we practiced each word at the sentence level while putting autumn colored glitter on each finger.  

Other ideas:
  • Use it with a story map: character, setting, initial event, climax, conclusion
  • Wh questions with story retell: who, what, where, when and why
  • Emotions: sort five emotions by intensity
  • Generating ideas: tell me 5 things about....
Do you have other ideas?  I love hand turkeys!

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