Friday, January 3, 2014

Resolved Resolutions and a FREEBIE

Does anyone take time to do New Year's Resolutions?  I usually try to pick resolutions that will be very easy for me to complete.  For instance, one of my personal resolutions is to drink an extra glass of water each day.  Not 8 glasses but at least one.  I have to start somewhere.  Last January I wrote about 2 of my resolutions related to speech language pathology and blogging. 
My speech language pathology resolutions for this year involve learning more about feeding and respiration as well as getting my middle and high school students to start coming to therapy on their own.

Next week I'm having my students make up their "Speech resolutions."  I'm hoping that most of them will resolve to remember to come to speech therapy.  Apparently having your SLP come to your classroom is not a big deal in the school I am working at.  Next month I'm thinking about dressing like an FBI agent.  Do you think that will get them to therapy? 

We start each year by reviewing our goals and discussing why we need to come to speech  therapy.  I think it's nice to take time in the middle of the school year to review where we were AND set some new resolutions of where we want to be by the end of the year.  I try to have them focus on "how" they can achieve their goals rather than just rewriting their IEP goals as resolutions.

Some great speech therapy resolutions:
  • I resolve to try to say my speech sound correctly for 5 minutes when I am in ________ class.  
  • I resolve to come to speech therapy on my own by putting the speech times in my planner.
  • I resolve to find my speech folder that I got at the beginning of the year.  
  • I resolve to try to initiate one conversation that doesn't involve mine craft during each speech therapy session.  
Do you like to make resolutions?  You can download my New Year's resolutions worksheet HERE.  
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annied said...

Hello, My name is Annie, and I am a "blog stalker." I follow soooooo many blogs, it's hard to comment on all of them. Sometimes, I just don't have anything to say (imagine that!). But, I agree, a friendly word of encouragement goes a long way. Regarding the "no kids, small caseload, no life " comments; as I've grown up I've learned you don't have to say everything you think! Really, you don't. Isn't that what we teach our social language groups? I came up with an acronym for that many moons ago; O.T.M. ("on the mind, not out the mouth")
I also admit to being a materials hoarder. Excess may be one of my vices. So many good ideas and so little time to implement them. Yesterday, on my snow day, I spent the ENTIRE day organizing downloads from November forward into folders and printing. I ran out of cardstock, ink, and laminating pouches. I must say, I think I have laminator envy. You are equipped! Thanks for the reminders and the laughs!! Happy New Year!

Speech2U said...

LOL Annie-You are NOT a blog stalker-you are great at leaving comments. I have a lot of kids who need to work on OTM!

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