Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolution #1: Stop being a blog stalker

Okay, I admit it.  I'm a blog stalker.   I'm not sure how people normally read blogs, but if I find a blog I like,  I start at their latest entry and then keep reading until I get to their first entry.  Sometimes (OFTEN) I take notes.  I used to take notes on a soap opera that I watched in junior high so I could discuss it with a friend of mine who wasn't allowed to watch soaps.  (I wonder about junior high me....)

What I don't do when I'm lurking around on your blog is comment.  Sometimes I've tried, but then got confused on what name to write or couldn't figure out how to sign up for an account on the site.  Sometimes I'm just so busy reading that I don't take the time.

Although I'm relatively new to this blog, I wrote pretty prolifically (and graphically) about my experiences as a pregnant momma.  It's probably just as well that the site closed and I lost my postings on it.  When I was writing it, I LIKED to get comments.  I'm an approval junkie.  If you write a comment that's flattering, I'll read it 20 times.  If you write a comment that's mean, I'll read it and probably be sad for a little while.  But that's okay, not everyone is going to find what you have to say worthwhile.  Still, I found that when I was getting feedback-good/bad/indifferent-I was more motivated to sit down and write.

Last week, January 1, this blog reached the 500 view mark.  Today it was at 700, that's motivating for me to write.

There are SO many amazing, insightful and inspiring blogs out there.  I want to make sure that these bloggers know that I want them to keep writing.  So one of my 2013 New Year's resolutions is to stop being a blog stalker.  I promise to take some time and write a quick comment if I'm inspired or use an activity.  I promise to leave a note of appreciation every once in awhile.  And more importantly, I promise to try to be respectful when doing it.  (For example, it's not really a compliment when you appreciate someone and then imply that they can only do it because they have no family or no life or no real caseload....)

So here's a philosophical question: If a blogger writes in the wood and no reads it, do they still exist?

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Cathy White said...

I too am a blog stalker! And I think that even if no one reads your still exsist! :) As long as you enjoy it!!

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