Thursday, January 17, 2013


I was cleaning out my kitchen last weekend and found my quesadilla maker in the back of one of my cabinets.  I've never met a kitchen appliance I didn't like, but eventually they end up dusty in the back of one of my cabinets.  I'm betting you could score a few at your local Goodwill.

I was looking for some activities for this week, making quesadilla's sounded like a great idea.  

I took pictures of the activity with my iPad at home.  We started by discussing the ingredients.  With some clients, we worked on categorization skills: What are 5 other vegetables that you could use to make quesadillas.  We also worked on short term memory.  How many ingredients could they remember once we got to the kitchen.  

We worked a lot on verb tense forms during this activity.  I will place the cheese on the tortilla, I am placing the cheese on the tortilla, I placed the cheese on the Tortilla.  

For some kids we addressed spatial concepts: put the toppings ON, the tortilla is UNDER the cheese, the I am putting the quesadilla IN the machine.  

We worked on hot/cold during the activity.  Mostly with "Don't touch the quesadilla maker-it is HOT." For safety, I had the maker up on a counter top away from little hands.  

We also worked on synonyms: Close/shut, cut/slice, hot/warm, place/put.  

Then we worked on "conversational skills."  I have two old phones that we use to pretend to call each other.  I had a script I made using the Custom Board Apps by Smarty ears.

I also made some flash cards for simple sorting tasks during the activity.  We worked on sorting answers based on whether they would answer a "who, what or where" question.  We also sorted verbs by tense (past, future, present.)  The download also includes procedure retell activities and a game targeting questions semi-related to the activity.

UPDATE:  The FREEBIE is over for now, but you can still get the product on my TPT Store HERE.  Make sure not to miss any freebies by liking Speech2U on Facebook or clicking on the link to follow my blog at the top of the page.  Want to win a copy of your own?  Comment below on how you would use this activity OR what other functional activities you would like to see here.  I'll pick a winner Wednesday night (January 23rd).  


Rose Ann said...

Love this!!!! (as the author of a food-based speech tx blog, I sooo appreciate this functional activity!!) Love how you incorporated all the language concepts---I feel like going to a Mexican restaurant now! Rose at

Speech2U said...

Thanks for the feedback. I LOVE your blog!

Speech2U said...

Rose-You're the winner!

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