Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lazy Speech therapist hints....

Sometimes it's just a little bit more difficult to get back into the groove of things.  Most days I think of fun and motivating activities for the kids that I work with.  Sometimes, inspiration seems far away.  Of course the best idea is to go to the Teachers Pay Teachers site and download a great lesson from one of the many talented speech language pathologists out there.  But sometimes you are feeling EVEN to lazy to print off a bunch of cool materials (or you ran out of ink, like what happened to me.)  So these are my three tips for fun activities for the completely lazy/tired speech language pathologist.

Celebrity Worksheets.  For this Activity, you can pull any resource or worksheet book off of your shelf and turn to a page that is working on the goals you have chosen.  Celebrity worksheets tends to work best on syntax, wh-questions and problem solving tasks.  Then you just replace the names of the students with the kid friendly celebrities, cartoon characters or superheroes.

Here's an example.  I grabbed where stimulus from one of Linguisystem's HELP books.  Here's how I changed them:

Where does Justin Bieber keep his eggs?
Where can Superman find a doctor?
Where would One Direction find an airplane?

It's pretty motivating for the kids.

Superhero Kid Interview  This one is the same except I call it Who wants to be a superhero or just Superhero Interview.  If you have the energy to get up, it might be fun to try with an Echo mike.  If not, a pen or just your hand works too.  For this one, you just preface any question with "Okay Super Mikey, this question is to save Nintendo Games."  or even just "Super Mike, answer this question to save the world."

Darth Vader Voice:  Just read all of your stimuli using your best Darth Vader voice.

Hope you don't think any less of me, now that you know my super secret, lazy day tips....


HappyMOMand SLP said...

i am loving your blog and wanted to stop stalking and comment because 1. we are very similar, and b. I'm loving these lazy suggestions!

Speech2U said...

Thanks for the comment! I love lazy speech days!

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