Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Top 10 List: Resources and Continuing Education

Brrrr...It's cold outside.  I was going to write more about these lists but I've decided to spend the rest of the day hanging out with my 4 year old and husband by the fire in our basement.

The first list is my favorite CEU courses.  It was a difficult one to write because I LOVE continuing education classes.  It's like the only time I get to eat a donut anymore.  Plus there's nothing better than coming back to work refreshed and full of ideas.  So the following is my list of courses I would recommend you take if you have the funds or if a course comes by your way...

1.  PROMPT: Introductory and Bridging.  Great if your caseload consists of lots of nonverbal, preverbal or kids with Apraxia.  It's more than just the physical prompts-it will change how you think about speech production.
2.  Kaufman Apraxia Approach.  An engaging speaker and a great treatment approach to children with apraxia of speech.
3.  Pamella Marshalla  She is SO funny.  Great information, especially for teaching /s/ and /r/.
4.  Floortime/Scerts Model.  I went to both of these courses and find the information is vital to anyone working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Some of the information overlaps, so if you've been to one I'd wait a few years before taking another one.
5.  Introduction to RDI.  This course does a great job of explaining the challenges for children with ASD and social communication problems.  The extended training is VERY expensive so I only went to the Introductory course.
6.  Michelle Garcia Winner:  The Social Language GURU.  Great for higher functioning children on the Autism Spectrum.
7.  SOS Feeding:  If you work with kids on feeding skills who have limited diets, this is a great course outlining a team treatment approach.  It's also great if you secretly like playing with your food or have an aversion to silverware.
8.  Suzanne Evan's Morris: Development of Oral motor skills in Children receiving non-oral feeding.  This was my first feeding CEU that I took when I was in Grad school.  I love the base it provided me for always working at the child's level and respecting their ability to handle food.
9.  Sarah James: Vocabulary course through Bureau of Education Research.  A good speaker for vocabulary and literacy.  She has fun and practical ideas to build literacy,  narrative and vocabulary skills.  Plus some really fun ideas for using poetry in sessions.
10.  Linda Hodgon: Visual Strategies  This is a great course and another fantastic speaker.  A must for speech language pathologists.

RESOURCES I WOULD TAKE WITH ME ON A DESERT ISLAND (if I was forced to do speech therapy vs. laying on the beach soaking up sun...):

Try this exercise.  Take 2 minutes and list the speech materials that come to mind, these are mine.

1.  The Incredible 5 Point Scale by Kari Dunn Buron and Mitzi Curtis

2.  We Can Make it Better Stories by Elizabeth M Delsandro

3.  Kaufman Speech Praxis Cards (I'm pretty sure I bought these when they were a LOT cheaper...)

4.  Expanding Expression Toolkit

5.  Super Duper Photo Articulation Cards

6.  Caribou Game (or a Caribou coffee store...)

7.  Just for Laughs: Understanding Multiple meaning Words

8.  Visual Strategies for Improving Articulation

9.  Guess Who

10.  Speech Mirror

I would've added the I-pad but I'm assuming there is NO charging abilities on the island.

Your turn.  What CEU courses do you recommend.  What 10 resources would you bring with you to a desert island?

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