Sunday, April 27, 2014

Love It AND list It {Linky party}

Thank you to Jenna from The Speech Room News for hosting another awesome Love It and List It.  This month's topic is behavior management.  What a great topic-especially when students get so squirrely at the end of the year.  I always start by making sure that my activities are fun and motivating.   Because I work with many individuals with multiple impariments, I use a lot of visuals to give information during out sessions.

Here are some of my favorite resources for visuals to work on behavior management:
1.  5 Point Scale: by Kari Dunn Buron and Mitzi Curtis:  I have made up blank templates of these in each of my therapy rooms-so versatile-you can use this for almost anything.  I use this a lot to work with kids on voice volume.
2. The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray.  Do you ever get tired of people asking you to write social stories?  This book has a great introduction which explains how to write social stories.  When I am in the clinic-we talk about the steps and I train the parents on how to write their own Social Stories.  They can personalize and hopefully feel comfortable enough that they can make them up on the fly as needed.
3.  Sandbox Learning:  Customized social stories online.  This is great for busy therapists or busy families.  There is a lot of flexibility with these stories.  You can customize the characters to look like the student with whom you are working.  You can add personal information to tailor the story to them.  Each story costs around 9.00 but you have unlimited access to the story for one year.  So if you have 10 kids who need to work on waiting, it ends up being fairly cost effective.  They offer a free sample story on their website.
4.  Time Timer  I love time timers for giving a visual representation of time to my students.  I try to get the ones that hang on the wall and beep because they are easily destroyed.  They also have an app now which is great too.

5.  Lesson Pix  I joined Lesson Pix this year.  It's an online resource which allows you to create your own visuals.  There are a variety of options for visual schedules, first/then boards and token boards.  Plus the website is inexpensive which makes it easier for therapists on a budget to afford.  I do have Boardmaker at work.  Lesson Pix is very similar but with more options for templates and clearer pictures.  It's convenient for me to use at home if I need to make up a visual for a client while I am watching Game of Thrones.

I'm excited to read everyone's ideas!  To join the linky party OR to just see all of the other awesome resources, head over to OR click on the button below.

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