Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More "Cheep" Easter ideas and a Freebie!

I'm super excited to be heading out on another trip-this time to Disney World to celebrate my mother in law's 70th birthday.  While I'm gone, I'm going to run some of my guest posts I've done on other fabulous's bloggers sites.  I had a few more fun Easter activities that I did this week that I thought I would share along with a FREEBIE!

Bunny and Me by Adele Greenspan and Joanie Schwartz.  This book is probably out of print.  I love to use it when I am working on bilabials-the sentences are short enough to encourage imitation. (ex. baby gets ball, bunny gets ball.)

The Game:  
Bunny Hop is one of my son's games that I bring in to work around Easter time.  I like that it is pretty quick.  On your turn you roll the dice to determine what color bunny you are going to try.  You push down on one bunny of that color and then press down on the same colored farmer's head.  If your bunny hops up you get to keep it.  The goal is to end up with one bunny of each color.

We worked on expanding sentences: Bunny hop, Bunny did hop, Bunny did not hop.  We also worked on short phrases, my turn, you go, I do, blue bunny etc.  

I saw these carrot targeting toys at the dollar spot.  I was really excited to use them in therapy.  I also got this organizing box on clearance.  The inside dividers are flexible which means you can change the number of compartments.  I used this game during drill types of activities.  I put a number at the bottom of each compartment and then had the students throw their carrots in the container.  Then they had to do the same number of targets as what they landed on.  

Super easy and fun for my students.

And the freebie.  I really, really love barrier game activities.  When I saw this clip art, I thought it would be perfect to address describing skills.  You can pick this up for free by liking me on Facebook or heading over to my Teacher's Pay Teacher's store. 

Hope you liked some of these ideas.  If you thought they were useful, please think about sharing this post with others on Facebook or Pinterest by clicking the buttons below.

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