Wednesday, April 2, 2014

World Autism Day: Light it Up Blue

Today is World Autism Day.  I'm lighting it up by changing my font color to blue.  Last year when I wrote this, the prevalence was 1 in 88 children.  This year that prevalence has changed to 1 in 68.   Autism impacts a child's ability to interact with their world and to process the information within that world. 

About 50 percent of my caseload for the past 15 years has been children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum. Because it is a spectrum disorder, abilities range from severe to mild.  I worry that even my children who are "higher" will have difficulty managing as adults.  In general, these are smart children who need help to figure out how to manage within a confusing world.  One of the challenges as professionals is to help prepare them to live successfully within that world. 

Last year, I wrote several posts during Autism awareness month.  Here are some of them: 

Autism and Eye Contact



Kid's Social Skills Books

5 Cool Thought Bubble Ideas and one super lazy one

This month, I will be writing about some of the social skills books I have as well as some newer kids social skills books and how I've been using them in therapy. 

Visit Autism Speaks for more information on Autism and World Autism Day.

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