Monday, March 31, 2014

What's new at Speech2U: March Edition

Once a month, I take a few moments to share what new products I've been working on.  Things continue to be hectic around here on the work front but I've been slowly plugging away at a new Interactive Flashcard product for Multiple Meaning Words.

These products are some of my favorites.  I'm trying to help children on my caseload learn abstract concepts by providing concrete visuals and systematic practice.  These can work with students in early elementary as well as older learners with cognitive disabilities or those on the autism spectrum.

One of the things that I struggle with when first starting to work on the idea of multiple meaning words is that many of my kids don't read.  But I also find that these same learners tend to think of language in more black and white terms and have difficulty understanding that words that sound the same could mean different things.

This product includes 120 homophones/homographs with teaching slides, word maps, sentence completion tasks, child friendly definitions AND homework pages.

I worked hard to maximize page space which means less cutting and prep time too!   

That was all I got accomplished last month.  But I'm excited to be a part of Playing with Words:365 fundraiser for juvenile arthritis.  Katie is offering 2 bundles from your favorite TPT sellers for only 20.00 a piece.  And the money goes to a great cause.

I'm giving away one copy of Interactive Flashcards: Multiple Meaning Words.  You can enter below to win your copy!

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Shannon SLP said...

I actually bought this product yesterday, and I plan to use them with a couple of my groups who are working on words with multiple meanings. I'm excited about this format, as it is different from other things I've been using recently for these kiddos. (Since I already bought this, if I happen to win, I'll give the product to a colleague or perhaps ask if I can trade it for one of your other Interactive Flashcard products.)

Carly Fowler said...

I would use it on all my older students even High School as many struggle with this as well. This looks like a fantastic product. It is going on my wishlist!

Lauren Donohoe said...

Love the Whole Body Listening yeas! I think they’ll be really engaging for my students!

Lauren Donohoe said...

Love the Whole Body Listening ideas! They’ll be great for getting my students really engaged in activities!

Lauren Donohoe said...

I would definitely use this with my older students…I think they could really benefit from it!

Carol said...

I've got older elementary kids on my caseload and this looks like something I could use to boost their vocab skills.

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