Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Scrambling: St. Patrick's Day Activities and a FREEBIE!

Anybody ever had vertigo after a cruise?  It's a really weird feeling.  Too bad I can't do all of my therapy laying on my side-or can I?

I spent some time this Sunday organizing my activities for this week:

1.  Shamrock Shakes: 

Mmmmm.....I used to love getting a Shamrock shake from McDonalds.  This I'm going to try making "Shamrock shakes" with some of my older clients.  I love Kale shakes and think that I can probably convince some of my clients that the kale leaves are from Shamrocks.  We will work on sequencing, vocabulary and verb tense forms.  Plus it's a great way for me to use that extra blender my husband thought I wanted one year.

2.  Rainbow Gold Toss:  
I used a similar game with plastic spiders and a spider web rug this fall.  I love quick and easy games that are also motivating.  I picked up the rug at Target's dollar spot and borrowed the gold from my son's secret stash of gold things.  (gold coins, fools gold from colorado, gold pirate earring and some costume jewelry he pilfered from my room all stored in a pirate box-I kind of love that he's already categorizing things.)

I'll let them come up with their own rules OR we will just try to throw the gold into the bucket of the rug.

3.  St. Patrick's Day Conversations and the Blarney Stone:
I'm going to try to find a rock to paint green from under the massive amounts of snow in our yard.  It's finally starting to thaw out.  It's been SO cold that we actually found a giant icicle in my attic this week.  I hadn't heard the legend of the Blarney Stone before.  Apparently whoever kisses it with be gifted with eloquence and persuasiveness.  Pretty much my whole caseload could benefit from that-including me!  Not sure that I will be able to motivate any middle schoolers to kiss it but maybe we can change it to whoever holds it in the speech room is given the gift of gab.

5.  Shamrock Freebies!
I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to make these products and am so grateful for all of the great feedback I've gotten lately at my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook stores.  As a super big Thank you, I made a double Shamrock Freebie for my blog readers: 

You can get it by clicking HERE!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in your Speech room?  Let me know what you are doing by commenting below.  If you like any of these ideas, please consider taking a minute to pin this post by clicking on the Pinterest button below.  


Kari said...

I love the rainbow mat! Cute ideas, thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

Thank you so much for linking up!!! Great ideas; my kids would love the gold toss game. Anything to get them up and moving!

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