Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dun Dun DUN!!!! Super Lazy Speech Therapy Secret #5

I've been battling a cold for awhile and it's made me get a little lazy with my treatment planning.  I love to find super simple, super lazy tricks to keep my kids motivated during therapy.

This one is pretty lazy.  Just grab any speech material book or card.  In between questions, make the dramatic dun-dun-DUN sound.  It doesn't really make sense-but it's silly enough that the kids didn't seem to care.  

If you are feeling a little bit motivated, you could also use your laptop and this "DRAMA button."  

What are your super lazy speech therapy tips?  


Shannon SLP said...

I play a game I invented called "Yoink!" (the name is derived from The Simpsons - "Yoink" is what Homer would say when snatching something away from someone,such as a doughnut, usually right out of their hands) Using a deck of paired articulation cards, I put a card on the table in front of a student when it is their turn. They say the word (once, 5x, in a sentence, whatever is appropriate). The card stays face up on the table where I can see it. Play continues in this manner until a card is dealt that someone already has. If a different student already has the card, I take that card from both students (exclaiming "Yoink!" as I do) and they go into a discard pile. If the same student already has the card, they keep the match for the duration of the game - I cannot "yoink" it. When I run out of cards, I take all the yoinked pairs, reshuffle them and continue play, reshuffling and repeating yoinked cards until time runs out. The kids LOVE this game (and love yelling "YOINK!"as I take the cards. I've also played with decks of opposite cards, verb cards, etc. As long as it is a deck of cards with matches, you're good to go. Because I'm the one passing out cards (and taking them from players), I can keep the game going very quickly for maximum productions of targets. Please note, this game only works with groups of 3 or more students. It always ends in a tie with 2 students.

Mary said...

I'm not sure what it is about those sounds that make a boring session fun!

Speech2U said...

Shannon-Yoink sounds like a lot of fun! I bet your students love it!

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