Friday, March 7, 2014

Snowman Protein Shake Container Card Eaters

Like many people, I find it easy to fall into a love/hate relationship with my body.  In my twenties, I spent too much time obsessing over my hair-I wanted it to look just like a character on General Hospital.  But no matter how much I tried or where I got my hair cut, I couldn't get the perfect amount of volume in my hair.  As it turns out, the actress had cut her hair short and the producer's made her wear a wig for the entire year.  It's pretty hard to compete with a wig.  I've been working out in the early AM for about a year and a half and have gotten so much stronger.  My balance is better and household tasks (like gardening) have gotten so much easier.  This year, I'm working more at bringing my eating under control.  As it turns out once you are 40, it becomes a little harder to shed those extra baby pounds.  Technically, these are my pounds since my "baby" is now 5.  Anyhow, I try to focus on the positive while still trying to achieve my goals which was what the above little pep talk was about.

If you've hung in there, this post is not really about losing weight or getting fit.  It's about what to do with all of those extra protein powder containers, you might end up with when your gym has convinced you of the importance of a daily protein or Kale shake.  

I know we are all sick of Winter-so you might want to wait until next year for this project.  I love having different options for card eaters.   Originally, I wanted to do a Storm Trooper card eater but the paint markers I chose, didn't work very well.  I think the first one, looks like Breaking Bad's Walter White t shirt I saw.  Definitely inappropriate for the younger crowd.   

1.  Cut slit in the top of the container.  

You will notice a ton of smudges in this picture-this is because I tried to do this with an Exacto knife. The plastic on this was REALLY strong-and the knife kept getting stuck as I was trying to cut it out. I would try with a sturdier tool (maybe a Dremel?) next time!

2.  Cut out shapes.

This allowed me to break into some of my old scrapbooking supplies.  I stopped scrapbooking when my son was born.  I've mentioned this before, but apparently I only enjoyed scrapbooking about vacations and crazy college parties.  It's probably not a good sign when you decide to hide your scrapbooks from your son.  Now that the big scrapbook store by me has closed, I don't know that I will take it up again.  I used the circle cutters to cut out the eye shapes, buttons and the brim for the hat.  

3.  Cut out the carrot nose and attach all of the parts with glue dots. 

That's it-besides cutting the slit, it was pretty easy and the kids loved it.  What characters would you try to make using these containers?  I'd love to hear about it below!  If you liked this post, please consider sharing it with others by pressing the Pinterest or Twitter buttons below!  

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