Friday, May 9, 2014

Lazy Speech Therapist-End of the Year Card deck activities

Is anyone else a little bit fried by this time of the year?  It's the perfect time for super lazy speech therapy games.  They are still motivating-but require very little effort from the exhausted Speech Language Pathologist who still has 900 progress reports to write before the end of the year.  And don't even talk to her about the 10 students that suddenly need MA billing documentation completed. This is a time to conserve your energy.

Here are three super lazy games I played last week when I couldn't seem to get my bottom off of my rolling stool:

1.  Go Wild:  For this game, you need to have enough energy to open and pull out cards from a metal Super Duper can.  While it may seem like this is easy enough, remember that it is fairly easy for some of these cards to get stuck in the side of the holder.  So you might need to expend a little extra effort trying to extract a card or two.  Simply place the card deck onto the table and start saying your speech sounds.  When a student turns over a "wild" card, everyone needs to act wild and crazy for exactly 5 seconds.  Resume play immediately.

2.  Pack it or Trash it:  I developed this game a few weeks ago, when I forgot to grab a game from my materials room.  I had a Fisher Price loving family hatchback car in the room and a dollar store trash can.  Game play is simple.  You are going on a trip and have to decide if you should pack the pictured object or trash it.  Have the student put the card in the car or trash can.

3.  Talking "Tom it": Talking Tom is an app made by Out Fit 7 Ltd.  You talk and the app repeats what you say in a different sounding voice.  They have a lot of different types of apps including dinosaurs, cats and my favorite-bacteria.  For this activity, I used Super Duper's irregular verb deck.  I said the present tense sentence and the student repeated the sentence using the past tense version with the app turned on.

What are some of your favorite "super lazy" ideas for the end of the year?  I'm excited to hear them!
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miamcd said...

HAHAHA there's been a whole lot of the "trash it" game in my room these days, too!! Love this post!

melanie davies said...

We play "Quick Eyes". I tell them the sound and position in the word and then I quickly flash the card and have them try to identify it. It is great because they get a little phonological awareness skill building
and spontaneous responses at the same time as the guess what it was.

Speech2U said...

Melanie-I love that idea-I'm totally playing "Quick eyes" next week. I bet it really helps them to stop thinking about placement too since they have to remember the card and info!

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