Saturday, May 3, 2014

What's in your cart: Linky party

Jenna from Speech Room News is hosting a "What's in Your Cart" linky party for the upcoming TPT sale.

 I'm always interested in seeing what other people are buying.  I usually find some pretty awesome products!

Here's my shopping strategy for this time of the year.  I'm looking for some home programming stuff-summer homework packages or calendars are awesome!  I also stock up on a few products that require more set up.  I figure these are good to pull out and prep on a rainy summer day. 

I just bundled and renamed my Roll-a-sound products.  I found a set of 50 blank dice on Amazon for pretty cheap.  So I made up 16 mm dice template for sticker paper.    

Then I added the stickers to the dice and printed off the game boards.  

My plan is to prep these this summer so that I have a bunch of games to use in the Fall.   My "Shake It, Roll it & Say It Artic-zee bundle is 20% off the individual price and will be another 20% off for the TPT sale.  

Now for what's in my cart:  

Articulation for Reading and Conversation from Nicole Allison of Speech Peeps.   I've got a lot of students who are at the reading level with their sounds.  I thought this would be a great quick print end of the year activity for some of my students.  

Extra licenses for Mia McDaniel's Tackling Apraxia CVCV-Early Sounds Edition:  I'm lucky enough to have a volunteer that comes out.  She helped me prep this packet so I'm getting her a license so she can have her own copy.   I saw some of my coworkers eyeing it too-so I may have to pick them up a license also!  
I'm also picking up her articulation cans expansion packet-Another great rainy day activity.  My kids have loved the first version so I'm excited to add to the collection!

I've been looking for some new conversation resources for some of these kids.  Conversational Topics & Turn-Taking from Looks-Like-Language sounds intriguing.  Plus, I'm always excited to see new seller's products!

 That's what's in my cart now-I'm sure I will add to it before the sale is over.  How about you?  What are you picking up?  

Head over to The Speech Room News to see what some of my other SLP blogger friends are picking up.  If you don't have a blog, you can link up a list on Facebook. 

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