Thursday, August 22, 2013

Organization: TPT materials in index cards!

I'm still entertaining my mother-in-law.  Luckily for me, Carly from Happily SLP was kind enough to offer to do a guest post for me.  She has written a fantastic post about how you can organize your TPT or Teacher's Notebook products using index card holders!  Thanks Carly!

I am so honored to write a guest post for Kelly from Speech 2 U. My name is Carly and I am a second year speech –language pathologist working in Nebraska. You can follow me on facebook at:  and visit my tpt store at:

I absolutely love teacher pay teacher materials. Since last year I was beginning my career as a Speech Language Pathologist and work in an area where there were not a lot of resources available I quickly found that the SLP community online was the way to supplement materials. Now I have so many wonderful packets that need to be organized.
Here is how I keep some of my many materials organized in my speech room.

 Many of my tpt materials now reside in index card holders! I can fit many of them in a basket and with a quick look I am able to find what I am looking for.

You will need:
- Packing Tape
-Index Card Holders (I got mine on clearance at a big box store for 44₵)
-Duck Tape or Labels (I have found that the labels peel off easily)
-Permanent Marker

I have found that by printing my materials multiple pages per sheet I can save on space, ink and lamination. For more information about how to print multiple pages per sheet Jenna at Speech Room News has shared a tutorial on her blog.
Once all my materials are prepped (cut and laminated) I place them in the index card holder.

As for the instructions and content pages I either use packing tape to stick them on to the outside or back of the index card holder or place them inside along with the stimulus cards.

 To make the index card holders a bit nicer I have place the covers of the tpt packets on the front.

I label all the edges using a permanent marker and piece of duck tape so I know what I have in each holder.
As for the game boards that just won’t fit with this organization system, they are filed away for easy access. Not all your materials will work with this system, but this helps me store many of them in a smaller space. I hope you enjoy this organizational tip!

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Abby said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

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