Tuesday, August 20, 2013

S.....peechy Monthly Feedback Party (Linky)

Nicole over at AllisonSpeechpeeps.blogspot.com has started a monthly linky party where we give you feedback on your feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook.

Anyhow, this post is going to be super quick and I've got two guest posts lined up until she leaves so I don't get anymore feedback from her.  

Here is some feedback i got from my newest product: Question Reversals Interactive Flashcards.  I really liked getting the feedback that this made teaching a new skill easier as that is what I was hoping to accomplish.    
So AAD1961, email me with your choice of product from my TPT store.  

You can join the Linky party too by heading over her blog or clicking on the picture below.  Thanks Nicole for setting this up again!  

1 comment:

Nicole Allison said...

Thanks for linking up! Looks like a great product!

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