Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dollar Spot Christmas Trees

So I found these cool oversized sticker sheets in the Dollar Spot at Target.  I got a Christmas Tree, a Gingerbread House, and a Snowman.  I laminated them so that I could use with more than one student.

We used the Christmas Tree in therapy this week and had a LOT of fun.  I wrote some articulation words on the ornaments before I laminated them.  If I had to do it again I'd probably just laminate the ornaments and then write on them with a wet erase marker.

In addition to articulation, we also worked on:

  • Receptive identification of adjective + noun.  (Show me the red striped ornament.
  • Receptive identification of clauses (Show me the yellow ornament with a snowflake.)  
  • Comparatives (Show me the longest strand of lights.)
  • Following multistep directions, before/after directions and directions containing spatial concepts.  
I really liked being able to vary the directions depending on the student.  Here are some of the directions we used:  
  • Put a red ornament on after you put on a purple ornament.
  • After you put on the red striped ornament, put on a purple star ornament.
  • Before you put on the yellow ornament, put on the shortest garland.
  • Find the plain yellow ornament and put it next to one of the purple striped ornaments.
  • Find all 4 snowflakes and put them in the middle of the tree.
  • Find a yellow ornament with a snowflake on it and put it between 2 strands of lights.
  • Find 2 red striped ornaments below the longest strand.
  • Put the purple ornament above the garland after you put on the yellow ornament.
  • Put three ornaments on the tree.
  • Put the red ornament under/above the garland.  

It was a really fun activity. 

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