Saturday, December 29, 2012

Word Making Tools Download

So we are coming up on a pretty exciting milestone here at Speech2U blog: 500 page views.  I'm pretty excited!  Although in the blog-o-sphere, I think this means that I'm still a pretty super secret blogger.  But for me, at least I know some people have read it, because I know I haven't checked my blog 500 times-I hope.

I have a funny relationship with this blog.  I want people to read it-but then I'm worried that people won't like it. There are benefits to having a super secret blog.  Most of which involve minimal proof reading and editing requirements.  I enjoy being able to think through ideas and activities.  I find it helps me to focus on what I want a child to gain from an activity when I take the time to write it down.

This weekend I spent some time creating some materials for Prefixes, suffixes and Root Words: 

 To celebrate when I get 500 page views or 30 likes on Facebook , I will make another download: Scrambled Sentences FREE!

Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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