Sunday, December 9, 2012

Multisyllabic Words

Lots of Snowfall here today, which meant I was pretty busy trying to create some materials for my clients next week.  I have a lot of clients right now who need to work on intelligibility.  One thing that seems to negatively impact their intelligibility is when they don't consistently or accurately mark each syllable in longer words.

I ended up with 2 products.  A younger version with pictures which also focuses on some phonological awareness skills (segmenting sounds/syllables, identifying initial/final consonants):

I added pacing boards for CV through CVCVCV words, although the actual pictures are for CVC, CVCVC and CVCVCV words primarily.  (C=consonant and V=vowel.)

The second is for older elementary and middle school. It's set up for students who have more difficulty with intelligibility or who continue to retain immature speech patterns (ex. say pasghetti for spaghetti.)  Since the vocabulary is also more complex, I added a visual for defining words.

 You can find these and other products at my TPT store here.  

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