Friday, December 28, 2012

Prefix, Suffixes and Root Words:

The holidays are finally settling down and I've had time for another posting: resources and activities for prefixes, suffixes and root Words.  I like to work on these skills with students in later elementary or middle school.  I don't know that you can teach every single instance or idea so I usually like to write a goal for them to learn 15-20 root words and prefixes.  I don't ork on suffixes as much in speech therapy, but I do like to make sure they understand the basics ones (plural s, past tense -ed, -ly.) 

Youtube is a good resource for short teaching videos.  These are a few that I like to use:

Flocabulary is a subscription site that uses rap music to teach different educational concepts.  This is one of their videos and songs that is FREE on youtube.     

Another Rap Song that addresses prefixes, suffixes and root words: 

 Between the Lions is a an old PBS show which had some great resources for different early reading concepts.  This video addresses the prefixes un- and re- .

Power Point Activities:  
This is the best website for FREE powerpoint activities.  They also have links to lesson plans and some online games to play. 
Online Games and Activities
Vocabulary Games:  This website has lots of games for vocabulary building.  The games are pretty basic but it's a nice review of the material, plus they change the game based on grade levels.
TV411: This website was designed for adult learning.  The activities for prefixes, suffixes and root words are definitely appropriate for middle school and high school students.  
Quizlet:  This website allows you to create your own online flash cards or look for flash cards already designed.  
If You Were a Prefix (Hardcover) by Marcie Aboff. 
These are a few of the activities I've used for my online students.  Next up is some hands on activities and a new digital download I've completed. 

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