Friday, April 26, 2013

Autism: Kids Social Skills Books

I won an award at work for "Most likely to be seen on "Hoarders: Speech Pathology Edition."  I think I could probably argue this title, as I don't actually hoard a number of the SAME materials.  For instance, I don't have 12 copies of No Glamour Grammar that I picked up at the local Speech Pathology bulk warehouse.  Doesn't a Speech Pathology aisle at Costco sound fabulous, though? 

BUT, I can fill up 2-3 tall steel cabinets with my materials.  I saw this description on a blog (but forgot which one-if it's yours please let me know!)

I'm also a great half reader of books.  I'll pick up a great book about Speech Pathology and I'll start to read it-highlighting it, taking notes and then I get about half way through and I stop.  Then I put it on my shelf where it comforts me knowing that if I need anymore information I can just walk over and pick it up.

With my clinic's move, I ended up bringing my "social skills" kids books home.  I've been reading them to my 4 year old who seems really interested.  We read one about interrupting and he said, "Oh mom, that kid is just like me.  I talk all the time too."  Yes, little one.  There was a reason I chose this book tonight....

I thought I would share my 2 favorite series:

Joy Berry's Help Me Be Good books.  I lucked out and found a bunch of these at Half Priced Books for 1-2.00.
She has a variety of social skills topics and does a good job of explaining the behavior and telling kids what to do and what not to do.  We've been reading these for a week and my son is on his second day of no breaks at daycare!  Before this he was really trying to rationalize his break taking-he'd say something like "Mom.  2, 900 is A LOT of breaks.  You and daddy would be mad at me for all of those breaks.  But 3, 4, 5, 8 breaks?  That's just a little bit of breaks.  That's not a big deal.."  That kid cracks me up.  

I like all of her books.  She has books for personal space, interrupting, accepting no, listening, even picking your nose.  These books read more like story books but she also does a great job of giving information of What you should do.  A lot of her books also come with companion packets for extension teaching activities which is really helpful when incorporating them into social skills groups.  

What are your favorite kids books to work on Social skills?   


Felice Clark said...

Hey Kelly, you crack me up! I am the SLP who will take anything that is FREE and want to store it for that rainy day when I need some new fresh therapy ideas. Lol.....anyways, I just ordered Julia Cook's books and am excited to use them with my students. Glad that you like those! Thanks for the laugh. Happy Friday!

stampngrl2 said...

I like to use the The Learning to Get Along® Series by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed. They have great artwork and are written for a young developmental level.

Speech2U said...

Thanks Felice! Which books did you order?

Speech2U said...

Thanks for the info on The Learning to Get Along books. They look great!


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