Sunday, April 14, 2013

Interactive Flashcards and Fill in the Blank Cards

While I was working on my post about echolalia and fill in the blank activities, I started thinking about a new product.  I call it an Interactive Flash card, because the student can move the pictures in order to answer the questions.

It contains different fill in the blank activities for 24 different vocabulary items:
 Expressive Fill-Ins AND Reversals 

 Receptive Fill-Ins for Functions

 Expressive Fill-Ins for Functions

Receptive Fill-ins for Objects

Interactive Fill-Ins
I made these in 2 different sizes for children who have difficulty holding smaller objects, use the bigger cards.  To save paper, use the smaller cards.   You could add velcro on if you like.

 Interactive Objects needed
I have also made a separate which uses the same idea using smaller cards for identifying objects needed to complete an activity.

Both Interactive Flashcards-Object Fill-ins and What do I need are on sale through tomorrow.

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