Sunday, April 7, 2013

Introducing MicroPackets!

I kind of feel like I've been working in slow motion this week when making these Micro-packet extension sets for my What Am I: vocabulary game.  

I'm trying out Micropacket games to see if it helps with printing costs.  I love all of the products on TPT but sometimes I don't want to print out 50 pages of materials-or I don't have the ink to do it!  I burnt out my printer on a really cute activity that had a green background.  After that, I couldn't print green again.  

Does anyone remember Micro machines?

I really like anything that comes in Miniature form.  Micropackets contain the same number of targets that would be in a larger packet-but I just put them all on one page for the game: 36 targets!  That's why I was working in slow motion-all of the artwork was slooooooooooooooooooooooowing down my computer.

To get a lot of repetitions for articulation, I might start by having them say each word on the game board prior to playing.

Students roll two dice to determine which picture they need to describe.  After the picture is guessed they need to repeat the word a certain number of times or say the word in a sentence or in a silly voice.  Each packet comes with a visual cuing card to help facilitate sound production.  

I'm working on a holiday What Am I packet that I will set as a permanent FREEBIE once I reach 300 likes on Facebook! 

So far I have Micropackets for /r/, blends, syllable shapes, sh, s, and k.

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