Saturday, May 11, 2013

BHSM Blog Link up

Laura at "Oh, How Pintearesting" has set up another SLP link up for Better Hearing and Speech Month.  (See her awesome acronym below?)  

Buying:  It's Mother's day and this year I bought 2 tickets for an event called the Girlfriend mystery tour.  Basically, my mom and I will be boarding a bus this Fall and we will have NO idea where we are going.  This is always been my "dream date" with my husband-where he would whisk me off on an adventure.  This is better because it's planned by women-and I get to do it with my mom.  (My husband's mystery date would inevitably lead to the movies for a all night screening of the Lord of the Rings movies...)

Hearting:  Our intermittent Minnesota Spring Weather.  One day it's 70!!! The next day it's snowing.  Today it was 50.  Check out this CRAZY video of an "glacier" attacking a resort in Minnesota on May 11th!  (Just be careful at the end, because she does drop a swear word.  I'm not judging.  I'm pretty sure I would've had a couple too.)

Sharing: is the BEST website if you work with children using AAC.  Great suggestions and ideas for Core vocabulary strategies and moving beyond requesting during therapy sessions.  I have a few patients with devices right now and I find myself constantly sharing posts with my families from this blog.

Making:  I love making jewelry.  This weekend I'm making Sugar Skull earrings for one of my best friends from College.  It's her 40th.  (It was in November but I don't think that makes me a BAD friend necessarily-just a unique one who celebrates friend's birthdays on their halfsies.)

I want to hear your BHSM stories!  Check out Oh How Pintearesting for the full scoop and link your blog up!


Jessica Schulman said...

Kelly, your posts always make me laugh. I can't believe the weather you have been having. Even though our weather has not really been as spring-like as it should be, nothing compares to your crazy weather! You have to update on the tour you are taking, sounds like a lot of fun!

Laura said...

Thanks for linking up! Your life sounds so interesting! I hope you tell us more about the mystery tour.

Tai Patrice said...

I am definately going to check out I am always looking for suggestions to use with my students who have devices. Thanks for the link.

Carrie Manchester said...

1. I totally want to go on a Mystery Tour! Sounds like so much fun!

2. That video is INSANE! I hope you guys have a beautiful summer with the crazy winter and spring you've had

3. I love the ideas on Praactical AAC as well!

and 4. Nothing wrong with celebrating birthdays on the halfsies (better than nothing at all!)

melplace said...

Thanks for the link to the AAC site. I have so much trouble this time of year thinking of what activities to do with my AAC students. The Girlfriend mystery tour sounds fun!!

Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC said...

Love the idea of the mystery tour! That sounds AWESOME! I hope you blog about it after you do it! :) Also I too LOVE LOVE LOVE PracticalAAC! Awesome site and so informative. But 50 degree weather? Yuck! Its in the 80s down here and I'm loving it! :) Thanks for sharing.

TeachSpeech365 said...

The Girlfriend Mystery Tour sounds interesting! I hope you have a ton of fun. Would love to hear more about that!

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