Saturday, May 4, 2013

Speech therapy in the Dark

Speech Therapy in the Dark.

This could be a post about your first year as a Speech Language Pathologist.  It could be about how sometimes you feel like you don't know anything.  It could talk about how the internet and the speech pathology blogging community is helping to change that.   Now if you have questions you can post on them on Facebook or read through a variety of internet posts on  how to make activities more fun.

It could be about that first year after your CFY, when you get stuck in a position where you are the only speech pathologist.  You make decisions and years later WISH that you had the knowledge base and skills that you have now.  Who wouldn't take a trip in the old Speech Pathology time machine in order to treat a few of those difficult cases with your new bag of tricks and knowledge?

But it's Saturday, and I've been sick for the half the week so this is another "not-so-deep" blog post.  It's really just another super-lazy-speech therapy hint.  Try speech therapy in the dark.

For this activity, you need a set of Speech therapy cards and a flashlight.  It works particularly well if you are forced to treat in a Speech therapy closet as it will get really dark in there.  I usually have the kids say the targets first as we lay them on the table or floor.  Then we turn off the lights and use the flashlights to find our speech cards.  Fun!

It does remind me of a traumatic group therapy session I had in my undergraduate program years ago.  I had 2 twins with Down Syndrome that I was going to try seeing together.  The first day, one jumped on my back while the other one ran over and turned off the lights.  Then they broke my crayons and put them in a hole in a wall.  You have to admire their teamwork.  

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annied said...

You are crazy-funny! I admire your honesty and 'let's get real" attitude.

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