Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Speecher Appreciation Sale: What I got.

I ended up with more products than I was planning on, but I'm really excited to use these materials.  I think it was a good strategy to get some extras because I will have my Fridays off in the summer-perfect for an hour or so of Speech therapy prep before going to the beach. 

Here is what I ended up with: 

1.  Roll it, Say it, Keep it: TH  from Speech Universe I have a kiddo that is going to be SO excited for a new game to work on TH.  I think if I brought out my Super Duper photo deck again he'd probably explode. 

1.  Apraxia Packet for Early Sounds.  from Lauren at Busy Bee Speech.  I'm always interested in new products or resources to work on apraxia. 
 3.  What's the Main Idea and Let's Eat Healthy.  Thanks to Allison at Speech Peeps for posting her TPT picks.  The Main idea program looked great!  Plus I work with a lot of feeding clients.  I thought the Let's get Healthy packet would be a great addition to my resources. 

4.  3 Strikes and You're Out from the Dabbling Speechie.  I have three clients with problem solving goals so am looking for some new resources for this! 

Auditory Memory QR reader from Mia at Putting Words in Your Mouth.   I LOVE this idea.  Scan the QR code and your phone or tablet SAYS the numbers or sentence.  Great for middle school students!  I'm using this with a Fluency client right now. 

 Articulation Menus: from Speechy Musings.  This has been on my wishlist since the last Speech therapy sale!  I love how innovative it is. 

Ice Cream Conjunctions from MIss Speechie.    I purchased the spaghetti product during the last sale-it was a hit! I love the teaching slides that came with that program. 

 Supermarket Sort by Figuratively Speeching.  I love functional activities!

Cooking up Context clues: from the Speech Bubble.  A fun activity to work on context clues. 

 Elementary, My Dear Analogies: from Straight Up Speech. I love to work on analogies and am always looking for new resources and therapy activities. 

What did you end up with? 

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