Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bad TV, good therapy?

I used to gauge people's age by whether or not they had heard about the Krofft Family Superstars.  Anyone that was younger than me hadn't heard of it.  This was my FAVORITE show on Saturday mornings (I suppose now I could gauge ages by who watched Saturday morning cartoons.)  They had a variety of different shows they aired:
  • Sigmund the Sea Monster
  • The Bugaloos
  • The Incredible Dr. Shrinker
  • Electra Woman and DynaGirl
  • Land of the lost
My favorite was Electra Woman and Dynagirl!  I LOVED pretending to be Electrawoman when I was growing up.  

The acting, costumes and sets are terrible.  Perfect for working on some compare and contrast activities.  

I'd start by giving them the name of the show: and then asking them to predict what the show was about.  You could do this with EET-describing what you think they would look like, what the characters would do. 

Then we watched the opening credits.  We discussed whether we thought this was a current show or if it was an older show.  We talked about what clues we used to figure out that it was not a current show. We discussed how today's movies are the same and how they are different from this show.  (Ex. There are good guys and bad guys on each show.  In Electra woman and DynaGirl it doesn't really look like they are running fast, in movies now it looks more realistic.)  Bonus points to the first person who guesses the celebrity in this t.v. show.  

Here is another one we used to work on predicting, inferencing and comparing and contrasting:   

We started by describing a Sea monster using the Expanding Expression Tool.  What did they think the Sea monster would look like.  I also used this to talk about Michelle Garcia Winner's Expected and Unexpected Behaviors ©.  In the beginning of the video Sigmund's family are saying mean things to him and then kick him out.  We can talk about how he would feel and what he is thinking.  We can talk about the importance of not "popping" your thought bubble.   There is another scene where the two boys are trying to carry Sigmund across the street-and drop him.  We talked about what people might think if they saw a sea monster on the road.  Would the people on the road find Sigmund scary (why or why not.)  

Here are a couple more that we haven't used in therapy yet. 

The costumes and acting are hilarious!  What are your favorite old TV shows?  

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Rose Ann said...

Omg..love this! thanks for the walk down memory lane! Love how you incorporated the tv shows into your tx plans! My favorites were Wonder Woman, Isis, Bionic Woman---I pretended I was each of these awesome heroines at one point or another in my childhood (and I have even dressed up as a character or two for Halloween.) Btw---Land of the Lost rocks---the slee-stacks freaked me out though! I can still recall the entire song intro---pretty scary!

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