Friday, June 14, 2013

Lazy Day Articulation

I have this really cool product I bought to work with one of my clients on the TH sound.  All I have to do is print it off and I know we are going to have a lot of fun with it.  

But there's a lot of steps involved with this project:  
  • Walk over to computer 
  • Find the product and open it.  
  • Open file and press print.  
  • Place sheets in Sheet protectors.
  • Remember to put in bag and bring to work.
  • Remember to take out of bag and put in Speech therapy room.  
Yes, I know.  I am pretty pathetic this week.  Part of the problem is that my computer at home seems to have some sort of terminal illness.  I started backing up materials and found ALL of these great games, activities and articles that I had downloaded.  I might just be having some executive function difficulties in initiating organizing these projects.  Yesterday my computer screen was white for about an hour and came back on.  Right now I am procrastinating backing up my photos by writing this blog post...

My inability to prepare for my sessions (but yet complete ability to prepare a margarita for outdoor sitting) led me to these 2 very LAZY day articulation suggestions.

Pick it up.  
For this activity, I placed the cards on the table and had the client practice each card 2-3 times.  Then they flipped them on the floor.  Then they told me to "Pick it up."  I gave a few excuses for why I thought they should pick it up (I'm too old, my back hurts, I can't see it without my glasses, I don't know which one to pick up...)  This game was a favorite-my kids LOVE to tell me what to do.  And they apparently really like telling me to do things when I don't seem to want to do it.  

Buckaroo Variation:  
Buckaroo and Mousetrap are two of my least favorite speech therapy games.  Mousetrap because it takes the entire session to set up the game.  Buckaroo meets my criteria for being a short game and kids can practice speech cards to earn items to place on buckaroo.  But it just seems like he is always kicking the stuff off.  This game actually happened by accident.  We were playing the game and I had my speech cards behind the feet.  

The client had touched the saddle and the donkey kicked up-scattering all of my speech cards on the floor.  Hilarious.  We practiced our sounds as we picked them up off the floor and then had to do it again and again.  

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