Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What planet are you on? An out of this World social skills packet you need to get right now.

I have a lot of clients with social challenges on my caseload.  I have taken some of Michelle Garcia Winner's Social thinking courses and have a few of her books.  One of the difficulties in this area if finding appropriate, relevant scenarios for kids.  I have one deck of social problem cards which is from the 80's.  Some of the scenarios are good but it's hard to make someone with feathered hair appear relevant to my kids.

Felice at the Dabbling Speechie has the PERFECT product for this: What Planet are you On?  An out of this World Social Skills Pack. 

This 40 page packet comes with SO many games, you could spend a month or more using it in therapy.  I loved the Alien theme.  It allowed me to work with these concepts AND take some of the pressure off of the client that I was working with.  It wasn't him we were talking about-it was those silly aliens.  They just didn't understand Human behavior.

This packet is broken up into 5 different Activities!  The first is called Conversation Blast.

Conversation Blast
It comes with cue cards for questions/comments as well as suggested conversational topics.  This activity is really visual and would be helpful in a group setting to see who is taking the most turns in a conversation.  In a one on one session, it might be fun to attach the comment/question cards to square blocks.  It would be another way to visually show the students how they are "building" a conversation. If they get too off topic or don't shift topics correctly-you could have the "Off topic" asteroid cards come in and knock the tower down.

What planet is my Brain on?
It includes situation cards, poster cards talking about "where your brain is" AND cute "My brain is on Earth" reinforcement cards.  I LOVED this analogy.  The reinforcement cards are small enough that you could have them tape it to their desk and the teacher could easily give positive reinforcement during the day.

COMPARE/CONTRAST: Human vs. Alien Behavior:  
This activity comes with a Venn diagram, and social rules posters.  It's great for helping kids compare what is expected from Humans and what is Expected from Aliens.
What impression are you making?
I love, love, love that this is included in this pack.  Perspective taking is difficult for most of my kids but they reeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllly struggle with understanding that other people form opinions about them based on their behavior.  It comes with 46 different scenarios focusing on what you should be thinking and what impressions you are making.   The scenarios are listed on one page which is easy on the ink and also great for just including a binder of speech materials if you travel a lot.

Expected and Unexpected Behavior© 
Expected and Unexpected behavior are concepts from Michelle Garcia Winner's Social thinking course.    I find it really helpful to use these concepts with my kids.  I even use it with my 4 year old.  But I'm always struggling to come up with ideas for this.  The dabbling Speechie provides 24 stimulus cards addressing these.  One of the things that I really liked about these is that they are very "real world" scenarios.  (example: Sam left his paper lunch bag, empty bag of chips and apple core on the kitchen table.)  This activity is also comes with a fun game where you try to get your astronaut to the moon.  

If you work with students with Social thinking challenges I HIGHLY recommend this product.  I loved the theme, the different activities and the amount of scenario cards.  Each activity comes with ideas for teaching.   I think you could use this to structure a group for at least 2-3 months if you focused on each activity/concept for 2-3 weeks.  It's a steal at only 5.00!!!  Check it out on her TPT store: What Planet are you On?  An out of this World Social Skills Pack.  

 If you liked what you saw, you can learn more about the Dabbling Speechie and her materials here:  

The Dabbling Speechie has been kind enough to offer one copy of her product to a reader.  Enter below to win your copy!  

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Jenn said...

Love this! New SLP here, starting next month. Always on the hunt for good materials.

Anne said...

The "You've Got Love Mail" bundle is my favorite. SO cute! This social skills packet looks amazing, though, too. Thanks for your hard work!

moe said...

I haven't used any products from the dabbling speechie before, but I've had my eye on this social skills packet!

Stephanie said...

The alien packets are really fun!

Cindy L Meester said...

I like the Winter Wonderland Social Pragmatic pack

Speechercize and Gluten Free said...

i love all of the energizing robots activities.

blair764 said...

Energizing Robots Megapack!

Felice Clark said...

Thanks Kelly for the awesome review!! I loved Zombie Pack and have recommended it to several people.....great stuff.

Arielle said...

I love the idiom packs and stories!

Marya A said...

I love the Tooth Fairy Languge pack and the School Grammar and Language pack

Tracy Morlan said...

This looks like fun! Never enough social skill activities!

Lindsay D said...

I love her "out of this world idioms" activity!

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