Saturday, June 1, 2013

SLPs Care for Oklahoma-and you can too.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
 - Helen Keller

Lately it has seemed like every time I turn on the television there is another tragedy: a tornado, a bombing, a school shooting, a landslide...It's easy to start to feel overwhelmed-to feel like the world is turning into a scary place.  I'm just one person-I can't stop the weather or terrorism or evil people.  

But there are things I can do.  I can do is try to be kind.  I can listen to people when they are upset.  I can try to help out in whatever small ways I can.  

More than 10,000 buildings were damaged when the tornados hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20th. Hundreds were injured.  24 people died.  2 schools were destroyed.  1 Speech therapy blogger wrote about her experience.  

And the Speech bloggers responded.   

You are going to want to read about what they did-and what you can do to help.  

(Envelope graphics purchased from Graphics From the Pond--Stamp Graphic From  Putting Words in Your Mouth)

It's going to make you PROUD to be a Speech Language Pathologist.  


Major Speech Minor Girl said...

Thank you for everything!

Speech2U said...

I'm so excited to have had the chance to participate! Thank you!!!

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