Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Link Up

Laura, over at Oh How Pintearesting has done it again.  Her June blog link up is Father's day themed with mustaches.

When I see Father's Day cards or Father's day presents at the store, it's like getting hit in the gut.  It takes my breath away for a second.  It's only been a little over a year since my dad died so I'm hoping that it will keep getting a little bit better every year.  

I love a good mustache themed activity.  I have some mustache paper chip clip holders and my friend knitted me a mustache pin with googly eyes and a mustache finger sleeve you can put on your finger and pretend to have a mustache.  Sometimes I get a little paranoid that I might be growing a mustache and not noticing it.  You see those ladies that walk around with mustaches.  I'll try to post a picture at least once a year, if you promise to let me know if you see any mustache action happening...  

If you haven't participated in a blog link up, it's really a fun way to get to know some other bloggers and get new traffic to your site.  Head over to Oh how Pintearesting  to get the cute mustache graphic and learn how to participate.


Jamming to:   Shy that Way by Tristan Prettyman and Jason Mraz.  I can let this one go on repeat for quite awhile before I get tired of it.  

Unwinding:  Watching Game of Thrones and Mad Men.  Although Game of Thrones has been really crazy lately so a little harder for me to completely unwind when watching it.  

NEEDING: A budget and an organized home.  I'm going down to 1 job for this Fall.  I'm excited for the extra time with my little guy but am definitely going to need to sit down and adjust my budget.  And I need to get my closets and laundry room organized.   I found a blog called Living Well and Spending Less with some GREAT suggestions for pairing down your wardrobe: 40 hangers or less.  I'm excited to get myself organized!  

EXCITED ABOUT: Turtle races.  We are spending a week at a resort and I cannot wait.  Beach vacations are perfect for 4 year olds so I think it will be mostly relaxing and stress free.  We will also go see a giant talking Paul Bunyan and participate in Turtle races.  

Do you have any summer trips planned?  


Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC said...

I have never heard of turtle races but it sounds interesting! Have fun!!!

Laura Deeken said...

Thanks for linking up!

So sorry about your dad. I think your feelings are perfectly understandable. I hope that happy memories start outweighing the sadness.

You'll have to let us know about how the organizing works. This is my first day off contract, and I need to clean and organize, but it's just in the planning stages of my mind right now.

Have fun on your vacation! It sounds like fun!

Carrie Manchester said...

I totally need to work on a budget this summer too! My husband is in school and he's cutting down his hours to make room for his classes. I can't want to pick up per diem hours, so budgeting it is!

I hope you have fun on your vacation!

Rachel Osborn said...

Kelly! I LOVE Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman! She was just at a festival here in San Diego last weekend playing for free, but I couldn't go!
I too need to get better at budgeting! I am getting married and want to start saving for a new car and buying a house one day! It's hard to stick to a budget! hoping to organize my life and minimize my needs! <3 Happy Summer!

Rachel @ Queen's Speech

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