Saturday, July 20, 2013

5 Out of Print Games that I LOVE.

Jenna at Speech Room News held a linky party for bloggers to write about their favorite games.  I hate when you go to a conference and see an amazing toy/game and then it's no longer made.  So I tried to keep my list for the linky party related to games you can still purchase.  But I do have a lot of games that have been discontinued.  The following are games you must pick up if you see them at Goodwill or at a garage sale:

1.  Cariboo: 
Cranium had some of the best games.  This is a Speech therapy classic game.  I have two copies of this game.  Hide the balls in the game.  Open each door with a special key to see if there is a ball under it.  When you get 6 balls the treasure box opens up.  I've made lots of custom cards for this game so I can use it with vocabulary or articulation.  Sometimes I add a candy treat in the treasure box.  I see it at Goodwill a lot so you don't have to pay the 80.00 Amazon is asking for.  Or if you have 80.00 for one game in your budget contact me.  

2.  Secret Square:  
Another game that sells for a ridiculous amount of money on Amazon/Ebay.  This is a great game for describing and requesting.  You hide a chip under a plastic tile and then the other players have to ask questions to figure out where the chip is.  I've also played it where the players have to describe the item where they hid the chip.  

3.  Whoonu:  

This is another cranium game.  I love to use this to support the idea of "Friend Files" and Michelle Garcia Winner's Social thinking skills.   Each player gets a certain number of cards dependent on the group.  One person is it.  The other players look through their cards to decide what the other player likes best.  Example: Would Johnny like roller coasters or camping better.  Then the person who is it needs to sort the cards based on their favorites.  Students get points based on where their answer fell.  

4.  A to Z jr:

This is a great game for categorization.  Pick a category card and then set the timer.  Players cover letters of the alphabet as they name items within the category that starts with that letter.  Great for reinforcing same sound word retrieval strategies.

5.  Tic Tac tony:  

I've been searching for this one for awhile.  It's a quick play game of tic tac toe-but you place the marker on Tony's tale and flip it in so it relies on chance.   

Those are my favorite discontinued games.  How about you?  What games do you wish they still made?  


Jessica Schulman said...

Scrambled Eggs... Was out around the same time as TicTac Tony. Three for me was a great association and classification game.

Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC said...

I bought Cariboo a few years ago for my brother's children for Christmas. Who knew I should have kept if for my own therapy materials? Ha! Well I'll be on the look out at Goodwill for sure! Great post! thanks!

Speech2U said...

Scrambled Eggs sounds interesting I think I've seen it. Three for me sounds great!

CC said...

Cariboo is out of print?? I hate it when games are hard to find/out of print! Bleh!

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