Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Photo Safari: A fun game for describing and answering questions

Does anyone else tend to buy toys or games for their kids that they know they can repurpose in Speech Therapy?  I'm always buying my son therapy toys.  (He'd prefer Transformers and gigantic guns-I try to give him lacing cards and bead stringers.)

Photo Safari is a game I bought to take with us on vacation.  But I plan on bringing it in to work pretty soon because of the good language stimulation you can get from it.  

I bought a copy that was used for a store demonstration, it was missing one of the pictures.  It's basically a matching game.  You put pictures into the camera and the child pushes the buttons on the camera to get the picture to come out.  You put the pictures in the frames and try to collect 4 of the same animals.  

There are 16 pictures total of the following animals: Monkey, lion, hippo, and giraffe.  The pictures are on hard plastic and seem like they would hold up well.  

The camera feature is really fun and I think it would be motivating for my clients.  We could work on phrases: 
  • Take a picture
  • Say Cheese
  • or "Shoot" 
When the pictures come out you can work on: 
  • Naming actions (what is the lion doing) 
  • Present tense auxiliary forms The lion is hiding in the bushes
  • Who and Where questions (Who did you get?  Where is the lion?)  
Then you can work on "in" as you put your pictures "in" the frames.  

Have you played Photo Safari?  How have you used it in therapy?  

Disclosure Statement: I did not receive any compensation or free products for this review.  I just thought it was a cool game and wanted to share it with you.  


Deidre said...

I've never heard of this game but I'm going to be looking for it now. I can see it getting a lot of use in my therapy sessions.

You could also use it for describing (the monkey is brown and has a long tail); comparing (the giraffe has long legs and the hippo has short legs); /k/ "take a pic"; irregular verbs (take/took, shoot/shot); . . . the list is endless!!

Obviously, this is an incredibly versatile game :) Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

Speech2U said...

Deidre-Those are great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

Speech2U said...
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