Friday, July 19, 2013

Love it and List It: Games I love!

Jenna, one of the SLP blog gurus, at Speech Room News started a new monthly link up called: Love it and List it.  This months feature is Games I love.   The challenge is to list 5 games you love.  I ended up making 3 lists.  (It's part of my hoarding complex)    For the linky I'm doing my 5 Games that you can still purchase.  Check back tomorrow and Sunday for 5 CLASSIC out of print games and 5 great older language games.

5 Games I love:  
1.  Penguin Pile Up

 My clients love this game.  You just have to try to balance the penguins on the ice.  (which is hard)  But a great way to get lots of repetitions.  Pretty fun for all ages.

2.  Photo Safari:  

 I have a blog post scheduled next week for that one.  Fun game for the younger ones.

3.  Go Away Monster
 Another one for the younger kids.  Pick a piece from the bag and put it on your room.  Try not to get a monster.

4.  Bunny Hop
 This is another great one for getting lots of repetitions in.  Some of the bunnies hop out which makes it a fun surprise game.  I use it alot with my clients on the Autism Spectrum.

5.  Hisss
Great for /s/ and /s/ blends with all of the snakes.  Build snakes by matching colors.  You can also work on long and short.

Head over to Speech Room News to get started with your own link up or to find lots of new great games.  If you don't have a blog you can list your favorite games on her site too.  Who wants to compile all of the games into one great master list of AWESOME speech therapy games?


Jenna Rayburn said...

Oh, I haven't seen some of these! Bunny Hop looks great!

Thanks for linking up!

Speech Room News

Carrie Manchester said...

Cool! These all new to me! Thanks for sharing them!

Speech2U said...

Thanks! I first heard about it on Autism Games: Here
s a video of her using it in therapy:

Communication Station: Speech Therapy, PLLC said...

This is the second time in a week that I was recommended that penguin game. I never heard of it before so what are the odds? Ha! It was recommended if you have kiddos with motor issues to glue felt pieces to the iceberg and the penguins will actually stand up. Who knew?! HA! sounds like the balance issues work for you in your therapy though! Cool game ideas...thanks for sharing!

Laura Dee said...

I'll have to check out Hiss! I hate snakes, but it would help with all of my /s/ kids!

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