Sunday, July 7, 2013

July SLP Link Up

All Y'all Need has posted her July SLP link up.  Link ups are a fun way for readers to get to know bloggers.  It's also a great opportunity to get to know fellow bloggers.  Get started on her website HERE.

Just:  Packing
The Speech2u's family is heading to the lake for some sun and relaxation.  I've got piles of clothes, games and activities scattered around the house that I need to pack up.  It's been a few years since we've taken a vacation that didn't involve visiting other relatives.  I'm SO excited to get away for a few days.

Using:  Bloglovin'
I'm organizing my blog lists and using Bloglovin' to keep track of everyone.  I'm also using a LOT of mosquito spray this summer.  With all the rain we got, they are MONSTERS.  Most of the time I use some non-DEET organic spray but last night I just layered on the Deep Woods Off.  I have about a million mosquito bites, the Deep Woods Off does seem to work the best.

Loving:  Mommy Time Manicures
Yesterday I dropped my son off at a drop in babysitting site and went to get a pedicure and manicure.  Pedicures got dropped from my budget when I gave up my second job.  But this week, I just really wanted to treat myself AND I had a coupon.  Plus I'm a much better mommy when I get some alone time.

Yummy: Zucchini Lasagna
I love this time of year and visiting the Farmer's markets.  We've been loving this recipe for Zucchini lasagna.


Laura Dee said...

Thanks for lInking up! Pedis are my splurge, too, but I don't get manicures because they just don't stay for me. Have a wonderful, bug-free vacation!

All Y'all Need

Rae's Speech Spot said...

The lasagne recipe sounds delicious! I am saving it so that I can use it one day when it cools off enough to turn the oven back on... Have a GREAT vacation!! I am so excited for you!

Carrie Manchester said...

I love my alone time! I totally agree that it makes you a better mom (and more patient!). Sadly, much of my "alone time" is spent doing things I need to do, like grocery shopping, and not things I want to do, like get a pedicure!

PS, Zucchini lasagna?! Yes please!

Carissa said...

Loving the farmer's markets, too!! You definitely deserve the pedicure! I'm sure it looks great, too! Enjoy your summer of fun!

Home Sweet Speech Room

Abby said...

When I lived in MN and TX the mosquitoes were terrible! But they aren't bothering nearly as much in Iowa. Sounds like you are having a great summer. I love farmers markets and may just have to try out that zucchini lasagna recipe :) Thanks for sharing.

Schoolhouse Talk!

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