Sunday, February 3, 2013

Golf-R-tick and Hole In One Vocab

All of my Teachers pay teachers products are 20% off.  If you add the code SUPER you get an extra 8% off your order.  This summer I forgot to add the code but the materials were still SUCH a great bargain I didn't really care.  

Here are 2 other products I recently added: Golf-R-Tick and Hole in One Vocabulary.  This project took me a little longer to complete.  It really made me remember my dad and how much he LOVED golf.  

24 Prevocalic R sheets and 144 Vocalic R words separated into the following: air, ar, ear, or, ire, and er.  It also includes a strategy sheet and /r/ syllable putting green.  Play 9 holes or 18 holes depending on how much practice you want the child to get!  

I have a few clients who seem to pick really obscure points to use when trying to define words.  I designed this to try to help them understand what would be the MOST important thing to say first.  It includes 12 cards with pictures, 24 simple words, 12 cards of golf vocabulary and 48 cards focusing on curriculum vocabulary.  I included some blank sheets to customize the activity.  One thing that would be fun would be to add character stickers on the picture page.  Can students describe Batman, Spongebob, Elmo etc... 

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