Thursday, February 28, 2013

Having your cake and Eating it too

Last week was my birthday (in case you missed it.)  We celebrated by making Cakes in a Cup. 

This activity had more ingredients then I typically like to use.  But I liked the theme and was really curious how Microwave cake tastes.  (very, very, very dense.) 

I got the recipe from

Here's what we worked on:

Following Eye Gaze:  I have a lot of clients who need to work on eye gaze and following eye gaze during the session.  For them, I hid all of the ingredients around the room.  They had to try to figure out where I was looking in order to find the ingredients.  You could expand this to work on recognizing nonverbal gestures by having them try to figure out the entire recipe without talking aloud. 

Recognizing Facial Expressions/Facial Referencing:   Once we'd found all of the ingredients, we worked on facial referencing and requesting information.  My clients had to ask if a certain ingredient was supposed to go in yet or not.  I stopped speaking, so they needed to check my face and body language to determine if I was telling them yes or no.
Categorization:  For some students we worked on subcategories within the grocery store.  As we pulled out ingredients we tried to decide what aisle we would need to go to find it in a supermarket. 

Reasoning/Problem Solving:  During the activity we practiced some "why" questions.  (e.g. Why do we have to keep milk in the refrigerator.  Why do I want you to spray the mug with cooking spray.  What would happen if we put the cup in the microwave for 2 hours. etc. etc.)

Vocabulary Verbs and objects Needed:  We started by reading through the recipe and highlighting all of the actions: stir, measure, pour etc.  We talked about what kinds of objects would help us pour OR what we need to stir the batter.

We had a lot of fun making our Cakes in a Cup.

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