Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sneaky therapist: Create your own dice Homework

Hmmmmm.....what if you could get your clients to make their OWN speech materials during therapy?
Last week I had some of my older students make up their own dice using targeted stimulus from their own goals.

Start by finding a blank dice template.  I made one which is available in my Roll-a-Direction game on Teachers pay teachers.  You can probably find one online by doing a google search.

I used this with upper Elementary to Middle School aged clients.  Here's how we used it:

I started by giving each student their own blank dice template and showed them the completed project.  I wanted to see if they could initiate the activity and determine the first steps without instruction.  Most of my students had difficulty with this.  (Addressed executive functioning and planning.)   If they were not able to start, we reviewed the pictures and discussed the steps that we would take.

Then we wrote in our directions or goal targets on each cube.  This was a good check for me to see if the students remember what we are working on.  Can they generate six examples for a goal?  We used this for creating directions, writing down articulation targets, and adding vocabulary concepts.

Depending on the client, you may have your directions out OR you may choose to  see if they are able to complete the directions after reviewing it.  (Addressing memory, executive functioning and sequencing.)

If they can't do without the visuals, we add them back in. I notice if they are now independent or if they are still requiring cues at each step from me.  (Addressing executive functioning, the ability to follow a schedule/complete independent work, self monitoring and sequencing.)

After the dice were completed with their therapy homework for the day, I had them sequence the pictures again (addressing sequencing and recall).

For students who are working on narrative skills, we practiced writing out each step and then going back and editing each step (adding more specific vocabulary or clarifying if the direction was unclear.  (addressing sentence formation, recall, procedure retell and vocabulary.)

What kinds of games do you like to play with dice?

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Monica Locascio said...

Great idea! I love the therapy activities that they can bring home for extra practice!!

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