Sunday, February 3, 2013

I have a target bag, who has a burner...

Here's my  PSA for the night.  It's not a good idea to place a Target bag on your ceramic stove top.  The unfortunate consequence is that you will now have little red Target circles embedded into your burner.  In my defense, I thought I had turned on a different burner.

In spite of my mishaps today, I AM excited for the TPTsale tomorrow!  I was just looking over all the great products and have already found 6 great products!

I was busy this week finishing up a few projects.   The first was a set of three I have, who has sets.

Multisyllabic Words: I Have, who has...
Goals for CVCV and CVCVCV production are some of the first that I use with my younger language concepts because it helps improve intelligibility.  I set these up so that you could also use them to play a game of dominoes.  

 /S/ blends are another goal that when met seem to improve overall intelligibility.  This packet contains three separate games as well as some visuals to help productions.  

Categorization is the foundation of problem solving and brain organization.  This download contains 5 different games focusing on Categories and subcategories, Object functions and Animal sounds.  

I am participating in TPT's Sale today.  All of my products are 20% off, add in the code SUPER and you can get them all for 28% off.

Now is also a great time to go in and write reviews for products to get reward points for FREE or REDUCED products.  Happy Shopping!


Jessica Schulman said...

I previewed these, and love them!

Speech2U said...

Thanks Jessica!

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