Monday, February 18, 2013

What to do with your old packaging and a GIVEAWAY

This was adapted from an idea I'd seen on Pinterest.  The idea was to put sight words onto bubble wrap and then let the students pop the bubble wrap.  I've been waiting for big bubble wrap to come in a package to try it out, but have only received the little itty bitty bubble wrap.

(off topic story warning)  
Four years ago, my husband bought me some boots for Christmas.  This was the year that he bought all of our gifts the night before Christmas eve while my son (1 years old) and I waited for over an hour to see Santa.  He finished up his shopping, threw all of his packages in the car and met us just in time to see the Grumpy Claus meet our little one.  

While we were waiting in line, someone smashed the window in our car and stole all of his gifts.  It was pretty horrible-we came out to the car in a blizzard and there was broken glass all over my son's car seat.  We were supposed to leave for my parents house the next day, but with a broken window I wasn't sure we would be able to make it for Christmas.  In the end everything turned out well.  We got a glass company to come to our house on Christmas eve, my husband's employer gave him a "bonus" which made up for the lost gifts.  Our faith in humanity was restored and strengthened.  My husband even braved the Christmas Eve crowds to buy some gifts for us.  

One of his gifts was a pair of boots.  That were the wrong size.  But I couldn't tell him.  This was a long story to get to the point that I finally got a pair of boots in the correct size this year.  And it came with these big inflatable shipping pouches (which are clearly labeled "not pillows.")  

 I ignored the other warning (not toys) and printed off some pages from the Webber Jumbo Artic book. This was a great activity for getting multiple repetitions in.  We started by saying the words on the page.  Then we said them again as the client cut them out.  

Then we practiced our words in a carrier phrase:  "Tape _______."  I found that you could add lots of pictures to one pouch.  

Then we said them one more time as we "smashed" the bags by jumping on them.  I held onto their arms because the bags were a little bit slippery.  

This is my Birthday week.  I'm planning some birthday festivities including an Itunes gift card giveaway,  on my Facebook page and a 20% off TPT sale Thursday through Saturday.  

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Carly said...

My favorite toy when I was little was a teddy bear I received for my first Christmas. She has traveled everywhere with me and still hold a special place in my heart.

Jenna Rayburn said...

I loved Chutes and Ladders and Pretty Pretty Princess!

Joanne Shank said...

I loved my Teddy Ruxpin and Guess Who! :)

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