Sunday, February 3, 2013

TPT sale: SCORE!

First off, let me thank everyone who purchased materials from me today.  I feel so blessed.  Thank you SO much!!!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I was lucky enough to get some great products today.  Here what was in my cart...

Telling Jokes by Liz Haider. I love jokes in therapy.  They're great for expressive reasoning; explaining why a joke is funny.  I like how these are set up with social stories explaining how and why we tell jokes.  
 Riddle Me This: Word finding Riddles and Object Description Activities.  from Sublime Speech.  I love the pictures in this packet.  Plus I've gotten a lot of great ideas from Sublime Speech in the last year.  I wanted to make sure I showed my support.

Fluency Tools Treatment Packet: Lauren LaCour.  I'm always looking for new materials for fluency.  I like the Fluency Tool kit theme.  

Common Core Standards for English Language Arts: Nicole Allison.  I love how this is organized.  I haven't been asked to align my IEP goals with the standards yet.  But now I'll be ready.  

I got 2 products from Teachers Unleashed.  I love these for when I'm treating students online.  There are usually a lot of targets for the skills taught AND there is just enough animation to make it fun but 
not distracting.  I downloaded these to my iPad.  I'm hoping I can figure out an app so that I get the animations on it.  

There's still almost 2 hours left if you haven't gotten anything yet.  My store will remain 20% off tomorrow if you got caught up in the Superbowl and forgot to order things.  

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