Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hunt-a-rama and a Dork moment.

I love Easter Egg Hunts in therapy.  I love them so much I usually store a whole box of Easter Eggs in my speech room for the whole year.  I don't do more egg hunts during the year.  I suppose I store them in case I am snowed in  until the following Easter.  

Now the "eggs" come in characters and all kind of other designs so it is easier to have a "Treasure Hunt" if you have clients or students who don't celebrate Easter (or if your school doesn't celebrate holidays.)

I've used the Spiderman and Spongebob containers a lot as I have a HUGE caseload of cluster reducer's right now.

 I like the Batman heads.  I'm going to use them in social skills lessons.  The plan is to just take regular social skills cards and make Batman one of the participants.  For example, Batman's friend Jenny just budged in line.  What is Batman thinking?  Open his head and you will find a thought bubble card with a thought like, "Jenny is being really rude.  I wish she'd just go to the end of the line."

Today we worked on vocabulary.  I wrote pairs of objects for compare/contrast and put them in the eggs and hid the eggs around the room.  Then I used the Egg puzzles to write Category/ function/appearance.

We used the Venn Diagrams (I got these at a BER course from Sarah Peterson) to compare and contrast the items using the category /function/object.

At the end, we turned over each piece of the egg to help us summarize the description.  

Now for my super dork moment.  I was explaining the activity to a parent.  I meant to say, The activity was really fun."  Instead, I said, "Yeah, I'm really fun.  Oh.  I mean not usually.  But this was pretty fun."  Have you said things to parents that you regret?  

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