Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More Easter Activities.

A few more things going in my Speech world this week

Easter Cookies

I found this cookie set at Target and thought it was great for targeting attribute + noun phrases (red frosting, green sprinkles), sequencing, and choice making.  

Egg-laying Chicken.  

This toy cracks me up.  Wind him up and he walks around the room laying "eggs."  I'm not sure exactly what common core standard he addresses, but he is really fun.  

Bunny Faces:  

I saw these cute bunny faces from Doodle Bugs {First Grade Rocks} and knew that I wanted to make them with my preschool clients.  I spent some of my t.v. viewing time cutting out the parts and used the pieces during drill activities.  It was also fun to use with my older clients-I would ask them to help me make a model for some other clients.  For them I would give them most of the pieces plus a sample of the completed project.  We worked on some Executive Functioning (planning) skills as well as requesting materials needed.  

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