Saturday, March 9, 2013

What Am I: Vocabulary AND Articulation Extension Packs

Sometimes I struggle with clients who have language or vocabulary goals.  I can't teach EVERY vocabulary word they might need to know.  So what to do?  I find myself more and more trying to teach "strategies" to the child.

When I have clients who come in who come in with vocabulary deficits and difficulty with narratives, one of the goal areas I focus on is the ability to define words clearly.  I think that teaching them to use PRECISE vocabulary can carryover to their narratives.  I also work with them to build a framework in their head for HOW to define words.

Even when given visual cues, some clients still struggle with coming up with basic vocabulary to describe objects, textures etc.  I decided it would be helpful to focus on each definition part of a word AS well as teaching some describing vocabulary.  This weekend I'm going out to Michael's (a local craft store) to find a variety of textures.  Next week we are learning to describe different textures!

I wanted to help organize my thoughts with this AND I wanted to have a fun game to play at the end of our "describing unit."  What Am I: Vocabulary, Definitions, describing is what I ended up with.

I tried to structure the game to reinforce the following ideas:

  • It's important to use Precise vocabulary
  • It's important to choose the most salient feature to describe first.  

I added cue cards and homework pages for each definition category so that I can teach the concepts to clients who are having a hard time with one.  

I thought it might be fun to use these with articulation clients as well.  So I created a few expansion packets focusing on blends, Prevocalic/vocalic /r/ and syllable shapes.  I added some Visual-tactile cue cards for the blends that I am really excited about:  

The /l/ I designed to reinforce how the tongue elevates to the alveolar ridge.  I did the same thing with the /r/-showing how the tongue moves backwards.  

These are all on sale through the weekend for 3.00 or less-so if you are interested, these are the lowest prices these will ever be!   

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